Fiction Friday – Lost and Found Part 7

It took me part of the day just to decide whether to add to the same story or add to something else. I was contemplating pulling up the old Live Journal work and trying to rework it, but I haven’t really taken the time to read through it and see if I want to continue it… Not yet. I’ve also considered a few other ideas that are half-formed floating around in my head, but most of them require a bit more mapping than the story I’ve been half-assedly writing for the past seven weeks. Plus, continuity. I tend to be a creature of habit. So, for now, another addition to the old Lost and Found.

Previous weeks can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Also – I have a new domain: I am now at I am still using WordPress, and the address still works if you leave the WordPress part in, but it will automatically forward you to the domain address without the “WordPress” part.


Rob looked at the clock on his console for the third time. 6:20. Susie was running late. She could be a bubble-head, but tardiness was not usually one of her faults. He scanned the parking lot again. She had said the usual time and place…

His phone rang. The phone. Susie. He exhaled as he pressed the button, suddenly aware that he had been holding his breath.

“Hey, sweetie. Where are you?”

“I’m on my way. I was just running a little late. You did want to meet in the Dunkin’ Donuts lot, right? The usual one?”

“Yeah. I thought we confirmed that yesterday…”

“No. I’m pretty sure you told me you weren’t sure if you could get away… but that you wanted me to wait there just in case. I think you just like making me wait.” He could hear the playful pout in her voice.

“And you’re returning the favor to punish me? That’s not very nice of you…” he teased.

“You know I’m not a nice girl, Rodger,” she said in a sultry voice. He had given her a fake name when they met, and even after he’d told her his name was really Rob, she’d insisted on continuing to call him Rodger. He laughed.

“Are you almost here?”

“I’m pulling into the lot now…”

He saw her little Honda Civic pulling into the lot. It was all part of the game they played. They would drive in separate cars, meet at the donut shop, have a cup of coffee together, and he would give her the address and directions to the final rondezvous point. Sometimes she would follow him, but sometimes they would get separated. He had insisted that they never text locations, in case either of their spouses caught wind of the indiscretions. Even with his throwaway phone, he was worried her texts could be intercepted.

Susie had teased him for being paranoid, but he prided himself on his ability to keep his affairs secret. Susie was the third affair he’d had since he and Janeen met. He knew what he was doing was reprehensible, but there was something about the adrenaline rush, the secrecy… He couldn’t seem to help himself.

Then there was Susie herself. She was so… fluffy. When he’d first met her, she seemed shy. She had literally bumped into him, spilling coffee on him when he was reaching to pick up the box of donuts he planned to bring home for the girls. They had talked a few minutes, and while he had been entirely enchanted, he had showed enough restraint to not ask her for her phone number. Not the first time, anyway. When he saw her there again, unexpectedly, a week later, he decided it must be the work of fate, and he went out of his way to talk to her again.

He was upfront about the whole “being married” thing. He always was. It just made things easier from the start if he let them know he was married before he blatantly hit on women. Sure, some would shy away, getting those looks of disappointment. They were no good for affairs anyway. If you hooked up with someone like that, she was sure to get clingy, start whining about her biological clock, expect things to progress to the next level…

If you let them know, straight up, that there was no “next level” beyond wild passionate sex in some No-tell Motel, you weeded out most of the clinging vines.

Affair Number One had taught him not to let things go on too long. The fling with Christine had lasted a little over a year, and in the end, she had tried to push him to leave Janeen. He’d considered it briefly… after all, Christine was an animal in bed. But in the end, he had come to his senses when he thought about the cost of divorce, and the fact that it would break his devout Roman Catholic mother’s heart. He simply stopped accepting Christine’s calls. Thank God she didn’t know his real last name, or his address or phone number.

She was someone he met in a bar, and tried to have a one night stand with. He’d gotten a little hooked, had gotten her number, and for the next year, he’d led a double life. And then, right after he managed to lose Christine, Janeen told him she was pregnant. Surprise!

He’d played the good boy for a year and a half after that. Mr. Family Man. Super Dad, hard-working husband, up until he met Jodi the gymnast. He’d met her at his friend’s bachelor party. This time, he had the good sense to be up front, to make sure she had lower expectations. It had lasted about seven months, until Jodi moved away for a better job.

This was it for Susie. Oh, he’d have his fun first, but he would have to let her go. He’d play the suspicious wife card. The “I have my daughter to think about.” The “God, you’re so hot, and this is so damned hard, but we both have to think about where this is going from here” speech. Because Susie had a husband, too. And one thing he knew, Susie’s husband was the primary bread-winner.

Susie liked the finer things in life. Even if Rob made pretty good money, by the time he went through a nasty divorce and earned himself another fourteen years of child support, his net income wouldn’t be so attractive. And maybe, just maybe, he could figure out a way to keep Janeen in the mood she was in last night.

Part 8


7 thoughts on “Fiction Friday – Lost and Found Part 7

    1. Funny. I’m hoping I’ve tapped into the male psyche of at least one male on the planet, and that I’m creating a realistic, if not-so-much likable, character. I think at this point in the story, every major character in the tale has at least one trait that you can hate about them. 😀


      1. Please don’t get me wrong. I was talking about how familiar it was to men who cheated. The carefulness in ensuring no leads would be left in exposing any of their deeds would definitely struck a chord in the not-so-faithful men.

        I was referring to the irony when I felt the familiarity, given that I – ok I’ll leave it here – am the “good family guy”.

        Yes your story is for sure realistic. So real that I can relate. I’m serious.

        Wait. What?


      2. LOL. I think everyone has either had their moment of doing something they shouldn’t, or has known someone who has. Nobody in this life is perfect, so sooner or later you’ll screw up in some way (not necessarily THAT way, just saying…) or you will know someone who has.

        Liked by 1 person

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