Mostly done for the day… (whew!)

Orange HibiscusI saw a friend post on Facebook that they were about to start their three-day weekend. I’m about to start my three-day “work-end.” 7-7 Friday, Saturday and Sunday, followed by a little four hour shift on Monday. Woo hoo! Then it’ll be the “short week.” I’ll have a short day Monday, work Wednesday and Thursday, and be off until the following Monday. And so goes my two week cycle of work.

The end is in sight. We’ve hired two new dispatchers, one is nearly through with training, the other went solo at night with probably not enough training (she was a dispatcher elsewhere before, and is certified, though) so she just needs some gaps filled as she starts working full time. Plus, we started training another part-timer who is already certified and has previous experience with another agency. So we’re getting close to the 8 hour shifts, but which 8 hours will I be assigned? That, my friends, is the question. I’m hoping it’s not the split shift I had in the beginning – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am – 5 pm, then Friday and Saturday nights from 11 pm to 7 am… Sunday was considered my “day off” but was hardly a day off when I worked seven hours from midnight to 7 am.

So Monday was the only day I had the full 24 hours of not having to go into work. After working that for about four months, they gave me the cream puff – 9-5 on Mondays, 7-3 Tuesday through Friday, weekends off. Which was a great schedule for someone with kids… Except it started July 1, after the kids left for the summer visit to their father, and it ended right after school started, in late August, wreaking havoc on not only my time with them, but the school schedule I had already signed up and paid for, meaning I had to “make up” time that I was in school on my short week. Plus the four hours to bring us up to forty. Whine whine whine… Okay, done. It’s a job, and I’m lucky to have it.

Yesterday I had a lovely day, had a chance to spend some time with a dear friend, and had a little R&R. Today, I went to Tampa with Adam, and the deposition he thought would take 2 hours took seven. By the time we left, I realized I was “off” in my reading of the school calendar AGAIN, that I had to take the Excel exam TONIGHT BY MIDNIGHT, and that I missed my window of opportunity to take the practice exam. I took the exam, ran out of time because I kept looking stuff up, and did only slightly worse than the Word exam – an 85 and change… I wanted to make an A, but I suppose that it’s not going to kill my chance at an A for the class. I WILL stay on top of the PowerPoint section, though. I want a 4.0 again.

On the way home, we stopped at the Golden Corral because neither of us had eaten a real meal all day, and I needed to eat something to prevent yet another full blown migraine. Yes, this is getting to be a thing. Yes, it sucks. Yes, the weather contributed again… One really cool thing, though? I had the opportunity to capture some lovely photos of flowers (mostly hibiscus) at the hotel where they held the deposition. And a photo or two of the pool and a few architecture shots in the hotel.

Yes, it was just a generic Holiday Inn Express, but it was still aesthetically pleasing. Oh, and I caught a picture of a hawk when we stopped at a gas station along the way. Hibiscus Hibiscus Hibiscus Hibiscus Iris Ceiling of the Hotel Lobby Waterfall at the pool HawkWhen I finished the exam, we put together a new bed frame since we managed to break the old one. (No comment.) While I really do wish I could write about the reason behind the deposition, etc., I can’t, and I won’t. Sometimes stuff has to stay hush-hush.


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