Days When You Can Fly

Some days are horrible, some days are wonderful, and then there are days like today – days where you feel invincible.

Sunset through the trees

I went to bed early last night… Well, early for me. Before 11 pm. Without taking my shower, I just fell asleep early, and then I woke up at 4 am, reset the alarm for 5:45 (instead of 6, so I could shower…) and did NOT fall asleep again. I still had a headache, so I went for the ibuprofen, Tramadol, and all washed down with a mug of coffee, ate a banana, and headed off to work. While it kept the headache at bay, I also had lovely heartburn, something that I usually don’t have. At work, I trained not one, but two new dispatchers – one who is almost through with training and the other who started for the very first time today.

It was a busy day… Medical emergency that had me juggling two phone lines and the radios simultaneously, a couple of criminal mischief cases… and I’m just now wondering if I finished entering things in casebooks. If not, I guess I’ll be catching up on Friday!

When I got home, I drove my daughter to drama practice, knocked out the remainder of the Microsoft Excel homework, started to think about what I would write for the blog today, but unable to actually write anything because then it was time to pick up my daughter, pick up pizza for dinner, and finally come home to relax and write. And as I was beginning to come out of the adrenaline rush while waiting for the pizza to be ready (because I didn’t feel like cooking after that) my headache started to return just a little.

I’m thinking the cure for migraines is adrenaline. Up until the moment that you relax.

And now it is definitely time to relax and vegetate. Time to unwind and power down the brain for a while.

To compensate for the sparse writings for the day, I am going to post a fun video. I hope you enjoy.

Tomorrow is my midweek-weekend. I’ll be back for Wacky Wednesday. Until then, good night.


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