Fiction Friday: Lost and Found, 6

To bring you up to date:

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Back to the world of Janeen, Rob, Susie, Jake, Hector, and one really creepy security guard… I’m not even sure where I’m going with this as I start to write today. We shall see…

Just a warning: today’s content is not suitable for the under 18 crowd.


Janeen heard a thud as the remote control hit the tan carpet. She smiled. Yes, the corset was the thing.

“Um , Do you mind leaving it on for a while?” Rob asked.

“If you think I should…”

“It’s hot. Come here… Would you like a back rub?”

Janeen strutted over to the bed.

“I don’t think that’s necessary. I think tonight, I should take care of you. I know it’s rough doing all that traveling, staying in hotels… So tonight, I’m going to give you a little something to think about when you’re feeling lonely in that Holiday Inn in Milwaukee…”

She watched his face closely for a reaction, and thought she saw a moment of confusion.

“God, Janeen… Why can’t you do stuff like this all the time?”

“Maybe I could… If you were a good boy…”

She placed her right hand on his left foot and slowly ran her hand up his leg.

“What do you mean?” he asked, his voice cracking just a bit. Does she know? he wondered.

“Well, you haven’t been nice to me for a while,” she said. “I think sometimes you take things for granted.”

“You know I appreciate all you do for me and the girls!” He sounded defensive.

“Relax, Rob. I’m just playing.” She slipped her hand inside the leg of his boxers, working her way up and in. She slowly started to rub his hips, thigh, lower belly, circling the spot she knew he most wanted her to touch. She sensed his hand before she felt it, reaching, cupping her left breast. Leaning forward, she slipped down his boxers and began to use her mouth.

The alarm came all too soon. Rob groaned as he hit the off button. Whatever had gotten into Janeen last night, he hoped it would get into her again. He leaned over, kissing her softly on the cheek before standing up stumbling into the bathroom.

Maybe I should break things off with Susie.

It was going to feel weird, meeting her after work, going away with her for a couple of days, after last night. But he had already made the reservations, and paid for them. Maybe it would be better to go as planned, but discuss the future at the cabin.

Susie would probably be hurt. Yes, she was married, but he had the impression that it was just a thing of convenience at this point. He wasn’t sure what her husband did, just that he made a lot of money doing whatever it was he did, and that he spent a lot of time doing it. The time kept him out of town quite a bit, and she didn’t exactly seem like the type of person who handled alone – time well.

Rob flipped on the bathroom light. Damn. Why did those stupid lights above the mirror have to be so bright? Janeen insisted on the brightest bulbs so she could perform the scientific task of applying makeup every morning. It wasn’t exactly that he minded the makeup, he just found himself wishing she would go more natural sometimes. He sure hadn’t minded last night, though. He grinned. That corset was something else. But more than the sexy lingerie, the way she had taken control… She was relentless.

Quit thinking about it, and take your damned shower.

He turned on the water. He had a full day ahead at work. He didn’t want to fall behind schedule when he was already taking a day off tomorrow for the getaway. Plus, he wanted to leave on time, and do a little birthday shopping for Janeen. It wouldn’t do to piss her off with a lame gift at this point. Maybe he would buy her the iPhone she kept dropping hints about – and a pretty little sparkly case to go with it. Janeen was all about sparkly shit.

Susie stuffed her t-shirt and jeans into the bag without even folding them. She wondered where Rodger was taking her this time? Last time, he’d found a place with a Jacuzzi in the room. Not just any Jacuzzi, either – one that was shaped like a champagne glass. Sure, it was a little tacky, but it had been fun. It was in some mountain resort place, but they had barely left the room the entire time, ordering room service.

She opened her underwear drawer. What color? Not pink this time. She always seemed to wear pink. Time to change it up a bit… Red? No. Too obvious. Black. She pulled out a black lace thong and a matching bra. People always told her that black looked good with her golden blonde hair.

Susie stuffed some more clothes and her little toiletry bag in the overnight bag quickly. She didn’t have to say anything to Jake – he was gone again. He was gone when she got home from the mall. He hadn’t even mentioned going away this time. She had waited up for a while, wondering if he would show up. He didn’t always tell her when he was going away. At least he didn’t get upset with her when she went off for a few days. He told her it was okay, he knew she needed to have her fun.

Part 7


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