Weird Wednesday

Me in a Michael Jackson Halloween mask
This is me as Wacko Jacko

I’m still recuperating from a stomach thing that may or may not have been from the migraine that I think was brought on by the weather – I’ve been getting them all week… But I still want to share some weird stuff. So I’m going the lazy route and posting weird videos that I happen to love.

I’m going to set the bar high with the very first video… “Actual Cannibal Shia LeBoeuf.” This thing is a work of art:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this, nor can I tell you my favorite part, because the entire thing is a thing of beauty. It may just be the second closeup of the kid who says “Quiet, quiet,” though… This video definitely serves to make Shia seem just a little bit cooler…

Now, I’ve already posted my favorite Albino Black Sheep video, Up Butt!, but there are still some fun ones that are worthwhile.

Banana Phone with Badgers. What’s not to like?

Or, if you’re at all familiar with Harry Potter, here’s a catchy little tune:

For a while, I was addicted to Songify This. The Backing Up song is the absolute best:

I just know that if I ever wound up on the news for anything, that would be me – the weird person whose video goes viral because it’s just so bizarre.

And just in case there is anyone left out in Cyberspace who is not yet acquainted with Samwell, there is this, but don’t let your kids watch:

That’s it for today. I think next week I’m going to write about some weird toys. If you have any ideas you think should be included next week, feel free to bring them to my attention in the comments below.

I’m off to rest some more. I’m drained, like the battery in my van that I’m hoping will start in the morning… (And I just bought it last fall! I suspect the stupid alarm is malfunctioning…)


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