In the Sh!tter

There are days that you can’t win, and this week has been one of them. (Yes that was intentional…)

Toilet Shaped Coffee Mug
This coffee tastes like crap.

I just love when I’m trying to do some work and my computer decides to reboot in the middle of the frakking school assignment. Nice 20 minutes down the drain. And before you go, “You should know to save your work!” understand that the only way to save work for the lousy program involves closing out of the assignment, and then having to log back in. Thank you, Pearson Labs, for your “User Friendly” interface…

I’m keeping this one short, so I can meet my deadline, but I’ve had such a positive response to my previous entry, Conspiracy Theory, that I think I may just randomly invent new conspiracy theories from time to time, and put them out there like they are real things. [Grins evil grin]

For now, enjoy this little stress-releasing video:

Have a great Tuesday. I may or may not post more crap later.


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