Migraines produce some interesting dreams…

Eyes within  mask
I see what you did there…

I am sensitive to the pressure changes in the weather, and prone to migraine headaches. Yesterday, I should have spent the evening making sure my little darlings had all their clothes washed, dried, folded and packed for their spring break trip, but instead, I had to pop 800 mg of ibuprofen and sleep off an almost throw up inducing migraine. Such is life…

I did get up after an hour or two to make them something to eat. Screaming Sicilian frozen pizzas, part of a “buy pizza get ice cream” deal at Publix. Let me tell you, those pizzas were silent, and they weren’t Sicilian. Sicilian pies are square or rectangle, and have a thicker crust, but aren’t the same thing as the deep dish pizzas. These were regular round pies with a normal (neither thick nor thin) crust. But they were good… They were “Bessie’s Revenge” – cheese pizzas that had fresh mozzarella on them. [Insert Homer Simpson drool.]

I went back to bed after that, and I slept until about 2 am, when the “Oh crap! I have STUFF I have to do!” hit. I tossed in a bunch of laundry from the youngest child’s room, tried to retrieve the giant suitcase from the middle child’s room (she had her door locked, though, so no-go… I would have washed some of her clothes for her, too. Sorry, kiddo. I turned off almost every single light in the house, as they had left them all on, then hopped in the shower, surfed the web until the washer was done, threw stuff in the dryer, and went back to sleep, perchance to dream.

Let me just say that I am one of those people who generally does not like to call in sick for work. I call in sick when I absolutely have to. Or I call in a personal day (we have those) if there is some sort of thing going on that absolutely requires me to miss work to handle shit, like a kid needing to go to the doctor, etc. I don’t take “mental health” days. Most of the sick days I’ve taken were either for ear infections so bad I couldn’t hear (that’s a safety issue for my job) or for migraines so bad I just can’t do my job. (I think I called in late for one, once.) But in my dream last night, I was in the awkward position of having to call in… because my job, in my dream, was now in London, and I was inconveniently in Paris, France.

I’ve never been to either place, but in my dream last night, we (Adam and I) had taken a little road trip via the tunnel that killed Princess Diana (though I don’t recall that part) and we weren’t going to make it back in time for me to get to work, as we were having breakfast at the Castle in Euro Disney. (Which, strangely, had uncharacteristic wood paneling that looked like the 1970s wood paneling in the family room of the house I lived in as a kid.)

Then, the dream morphed, and I wound up meeting up with my coworker, Melissa, to go shopping. (I know she would LOVE shopping in Paris!) I don’t think my supervisor would approve of all of us being out of the country at the same time…

Vintage red dress painting

When my alarm went off this morning, I kept hitting the snooze button until I absolutely had to get up.

Adam, be warned, we have to start saving for that trip to France… I know you won’t complain, though, as long as we go to Amiens…

Magic 8 Ball says "it is decidedly so"
I can go… The Magic 8 Ball says so.

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