A little Fun for Friday

Sharing a few links that I find entertaining. My friend Melissa shared “Yik Yak” with me today, and it made me think of some other fun sites and links that people may enjoy.

For that matter, just going to the Google home page and hitting the “I feel lucky” button can bring up some really fun stuff.

If you are into web design projects, this can be fun:

This is kind of random, but back in the day, when I had to find stuff to keep kids occupied, I found some fun projects here:

Finally, I almost forgot this one… If you’ve ever wondered how you would look if you were a nun, or the Sun from Teletubbies, or any number of other bizarre scenarios, try this one:

Me, dressed as a nun
From the time I was never in “The Sound of Music”…

Yes, this is all so random. Next time I do something like this, I’ll try to keep more of a theme going. I guess I’m kind of “Themed Out”…


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