Throwback Thursday – Music and Earworms

Edited to add: if you press play on all the songs and have them going at once, you may actually summon a demon. (Just kidding, but it does sound like the Soundtrack from Hell…)

I wasn’t going to make “Throwback Thursday” a thing, but kind of got sucked into it with music.

Violin in front of pillows
Here is a marginally related photo of my son’s violin…

What initially started it was NOT a “Throwback” song, however. On Saturday, when I heard a song with a catchy little octave jump and words that I had recently realized I was mis-hearing, it started going through my head mercilessly. But not the words, JUST the tune. I had no idea of the title, no idea of what he was actually singing, just that the damn thing kept going through my head. Turns out the song was called “Budapest” and it’s by a guy who is much younger and much (ahem… sorry, this’ll come out sounding wrong, but whatever…) whiter than he sounded.

I still can’t decide if I like it or absolutely hate it. But listening to some other songs of his, including one with a video that features Sir Ian McKellan, I think I like George Ezra over all.

Then, Adam was bitching at me a couple of days ago, because he was flipping through his Sirius XM radio and hit this song on the 70s station:

Somehow, this was MY fault, because I played it for him one night many months ago, and he hated it.

We spent a Saturday or Sunday afternoon once trying to outdo each other with the worst songs we could come up with. I felt I was definitely leading with classics like “All Cried Out” by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, and “Never Been to Me” by Charlene, up until he broke out the Insane Clown Posse.

I was thinking about ear-worms. I figured I’d post a few from various times… Some of them are actually GOOD songs, and some of them are really, really bad. Let’s play a game… see if you can guess which of the following songs I like:

Please answer in the comments, and I promise I will respond to each answer.

Okay. Now. Bonus story…

Question: How long is Simply Red’s Song “Holding Back the Years?”

Answer: Too Damned Long.

The summer between 8th and 9th grade, when I was about as awkward and socially inept as… well, as I was throughout most of high school, actually, I was in band. That was the year my mother was the Band Boosters president, and she was in charge of way too many fundraisers. One of them was a dance at the American Legion (why do I want to add “Of Doom” to that?) We went with a pretty cool theme, I helped decorate, with surfboards and all kinds of Beach-themed stuff.

The dance itself didn’t get off to the best of starts. I had the worst leg-shaving accident of my life, taking off a good chunk of skin with the crappy little Bic razor. I was, as I said before, pretty socially inept, and I’ve never been too big on dancing. This was in the 1980s, when “dancing” consisted of standing face to face with someone of the opposite sex, arms around each other, and just sort of rocking back and forth. I generally avoided it throughout the night. But there were two French foreign exchange students who had decided that they were going to dance with every single girl in the ballroom, including the Anastasias and Griseldas like me.

Lucky me, it was Simply Red’s Holding Back the Years, a song I already disliked.

I don’t care if this Youtube video claims that the song is 5:45 as the extended version. They are lying, it is really 12 minutes long, at least. I know this for a fact, because the French guy was one of those REALLY CLOSE dancers. He had been dancing all night, this was toward the end of the night, when pickings were getting slimmer, and he was running out of cool people with whom to dance… And, he didn’t wear any deodorant. And, about 3/4 of the way through the dance, (bearing in mind I’m kind of short, so I was just the right height to have my nose pressed into his armpit) the record malfunctioned, and the evil bastard D.J. started it over.

Aside from that, he was a nice guy, I guess… I didn’t go to any high school dances after that, except Junior Prom, which went so well that I skipped Senior Prom.

Please, do respond to the game, and include a link to the worst possible song you can think of.


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