My First Blogging Award! Creative Blogger Award


First of all, thank you, mundanevision, for the nomination. It’s always fun to receive positive feedback, especially from those whose work you enjoy.

Now, for the fun part… Nominating a few folks and sharing some love and fun stuff with others… I’m nominating:

  1. La Belle Demimondaine –  I’m not normally a “fashion” person, but I love the wit in the anecdotes, especially the stories involving giant cockroaches and spiders. Also, she’s one of the most creative, talented individuals I know.
  2. Red Lemonade – This is one of my favorite “book review” sites of all times. If you love to laugh at overly processed, ghost-written serial books, or horrible books in general, this is the place to go. I’ve linked some of her pages in previous posts…. if you haven’t read “Fifty Shades of Grey,” you can read her blow-by-blow and know what the hell people are talking about without having to actually waste time reading the book. This is the Cliff-notes version of books that contain virtually no merit.
  3. Notes from a Narcissist – Some very creative work, and creative ideas.

I could easily nominate MANY more. But I’m keeping the list short. Plus, many of the blogs I follow have already been nominated.

For those of you who have been nominated, here is what you need to do next: 

  1. Nominate some blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs (kinda doctored this one so you choose how many to nominate!
  2. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
  3. Share five facts about yourself to your readers
  4. Pass these rules on to them
  5. Proudly display the image above on your post.

Five Facts about Me

This is a bit difficult, because I’ve already shared quite a bit in the blog. Some of it will not be news. Here goes:

  1. I kind of believe in fairies. Or rather, I don’t disbelieve in them – I believe that it is possible that they exist in some sort of plane that sometimes intersects with our own, and that fairies, angels, djinn and the like may all be the same thing, given different names.
  2. I love to swim, sail, and ride bicycles, but I rarely find the time (and means) to do any of those things.
  3. While I am glad to be out of New York, one thing I do miss is living as close to the ocean as we did. Yeah, I know I moved from an island to a peninsula, but going to the beach from my current location involves more than a 30 minute drive.
  4. I’ve ridden some pretty big roller coasters, including Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure. I figured the ride was only about 30 seconds long, if my heart stopped, they could revive me when it was over.
  5. I enjoy many types of music, but my “true love” is “classical.” Calling it classical is not quite accurate, though – because that’s a specific era… Generically referred to as “classical music,” I really prefer music of the romantic era. (Brahms, Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky are my favorites…) But I consider myself an anti-romantic when it comes to the mushy stuff.

So, I’m off to tell my three nominees…


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