I May be a Hobbit

I like to stay at home. Yes, I can be lured out into “adventures,” but I love the creature comforts of my own bed, the convenience of running water and air conditioning and all those things that are not considered “roughing it.” Wooded path leading to a foot bridge, “The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began… – JRR Tolkien I don’t always partake of second breakfast and elevensies, but I look like I do. I’m short and have the physical build of a hobbit. I do shave the hairs that grow on the top of my big toes, though. (TMI?) Also, at 5’1″, I wear at least a size 8.5 shoe, but more often a size 9. But the real reason I’m starting to believe I am at least part-hobbit is that I find myself drawn to circular underground housing. Or living like an elf in a tree… But especially the underground houses. Somehow I found this article on Facebook, about a World War II Bunker that was transformed into a home. Oh, I’m sure it has its problems – like not being able to see outside through the windows, and perhaps it gets dank and mildewy… But what’s not to like about a house that can withstand a zombie attack, or even a deer attack? Seriously, I love underground houses. And I love music, and trees, and gifts. And being a hobbit sounds like so much fun… if you’re a male hobbit, that is. Being Lobelia Sackville-Baggins doesn’t sound so great. Or being Rosie Cotton, waiting at home while Samwise goes off and saves the world as Frodo’s trusty sidekick.

Pink Rose in full bloom
All the Hobbit women seemed to be named after flowers.

The Elven maids had more fun. And they lived in trees. Tree houses may not be as safe as underground homes, but they are pretty damned cool. Until you start to get older, and your knees don’t handle the stairs quite so well anymore, and then there’s a hurricane that blows your house down. Yeah, Hobbits Holes are safer. Except during a flood… Can you tell I have anxiety issues? Why has nobody ever told the story of The Hobbit from Lobelia’s point of view? Her part of LOTR was brushed off in the movie, but she did fight the enemy in her own way, after all. What mythical/storybook creature do you think you are most like? If you could inhabit a fantasy world, which would it be?  Please feel free to share in the comments. Also, what type of dwelling would you choose for yourself?


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