Pi Day and the Quest for Pie

I was asleep at 9:26:56 this morning, because I was up on and off through the night, but we’re still celebrating Pi Day, damn it!

What better way to celebrate Pi than with Pie? And being hippy trippy types, my son Matthew and I had to get all-natural pie. In that, we succeeded, sort of… But we went to 3.14 grocery stores to do so. (Walmart is the .14 here, being only partially a grocery store.)

First, we tried Ward’s, a store I don’t visit often, but a place with some of the best produce in Gainesville. The idea was to pick up some pie, and maybe some apples or other items not requiring refrigeration, because it’s over 80F in Florida today. There was no pie at Ward’s. None, at all. But we found some really fresh strawberries that were grown 14 miles away. And we picked up coconut date rolls, a Mexican bottle of Coca Cola for Matthew, some apples, and some fresh apple juice for William. (It was in a big glass bottle.) I didn’t particularly want to go to any more overcrowded, overpriced holistic grocery stores after that, having my fill of Patchouli-in-place-of-deodorant types, but at Walmart, every pie had artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Every single one.

Believe it or not, Walmart had the best selection of pies. But wanting something “natural,” we foolishly held out, just buying the other nine million things I “needed” from Walmart…

After Walmart, we stopped at Lucky Market, where we purchased the only non-artificial pie in our arsenal of pies. We also bought organic pudding mix, in case we decide to make pudding pie later… Because if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s beat an idea to death… Lucky Market had this luscious apple pie:

Apple pie with a slice missing
It was even worth the outrageous price tag…

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not overly wild about Lucky’s Market, though. Sure, some of the stuff is worth it, and they are worth the trip for certain items and products I can’t get anywhere else in Gainesville, including my favorite Shikai Shampoo and conditioner, Migra-stick, the headache curing miracle in a small metal bottle, really good tofu (according to the vegetarian for whom I bought it) and some other really good, natural stuff. But even THEY sell brownies with artificial flavors, and paying $8+ for a glass bottle filled with “high temperature” canola oil because I’m running out and I keep forgetting to buy it elsewhere really doesn’t do it for me. So it’s definitely an “occasional use only” sort of grocery store.

On a side note: I used Google Maps Navigator on my phone to find Lucky Market, because even though I had passed it several times while circling the northern side of Gainesville, I thought it was just off Main Street, rather than just off 13th, and I was worried that maybe it was on 16th Avenue rather than 23rd. Google Maps Navigator didn’t want me to turn directly into the parking lot from 23rd – it wanted me to turn left on 13th and drive around in circles several times, but I ignored Google Maps, even when it instructed me to make a u-turn in the parking lot to go back and drive around in circles around the store. Was this some sort of Pi-Day prank, Google? Touché, Google. Well played.

After Lucky’s, I decided to give it one last try to find Matthew his pecan pie. I told him we would buy one even if it wasn’t “all natural,” and that he would eat it and like it, damn it! (But I drew the line at green Key Lime pie. It should be white, people.)

We went to Fresh Market, where the apple pie was $3.14 off. (We already had an apple pie, so I passed.) We bought a pecan pie that did have some artificial stuff in it, and we also bought ready-made graham cracker pie crusts in case I want to make pudding pies, but I’m too damned lazy to crush the graham cracker cookies we bought and push them into a pie dish that we don’t have…

On the way home, I couldn’t resist annoying Matthew with a rendition of “Pi Day,” sung to the tune of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.”

“It’s Pi Day, Pi Day, gotta eat pie on Pi Day! And it just so happens to fall on the weekend!”

You’re welcome. Now you, too, have that Rebecca Black song going through your head.

When I pulled into my driveway, I checked my cellphone and saw that I have another follower on WordPress. I received the alert, because I picked up three followers in one day (the highest ever for me so far) bringing my total number of followers to 14. Isn’t that special?

Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein. And Happy Pi Day to all my friends who appreciate math. And for those of you who don’t, just realize that everything around you, and everything you do, can be represented in numbers. Math is part of the greater Universe in which we live. It is the building block for art, architecture, music, and the very codes that we use to run the computers on which you are reading my silly little blog post.

Now, go eat some pie!


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