Fiction Friday – Lost and Found Part 4

Sorry this is a bit late – in some places, it’s Saturday already. It’s amazing how busy a “day off” can be, especially playing chauffeur to two teenagers… I now know that “Gator Nationals” looks about as much fun as camping. 😉  Had to run out there to pick up the oldest son, who managed to miss the bus back to sanity at the end of his Drafting field trip. It’s a long sob story, and today is Fiction Friday, so it will wait for another time, perhaps… So… Back to Janeen and the Mustang for now.

Previous installations: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.


Damn thing wouldn’t turn on. She should have figured there would be a problem. Rob let the HTC battery die, and with it, any information Janeen could probe from its contents without the risk of discovery. It wasn’t like she didn’t have enough information, though…

She already knew the phone numbers for both his throwaway phone and Susie’s phone. She had read through enough texts to verify that he was cheating. She knew Susie was married, and she knew the husband’s phone number. And with Hector’s help setting up spyware, she was now able to intercept any new messages the two might pass in the future. Hector was such a sweet puppy.

Staring at this dead phone is getting you nowhere. Go get ready for battle.

Rob may not have noticed the smokey eye shadow, or the perfectly coiffed hair, but he wouldn’t be able to ignore the sexy red corset and the matching garter belt and stockings she was wearing under her work clothes. She would wait until after dinner, after he said his good night to the girls, and climbed into bed with the television on as he normally did. He didn’t realize yet that she had unplugged the cable in their room.

Step one: Seduce the ass.
Step two: see if that affects his interaction with Susie.

If there was one thing her mother had taught her, it was that revenge was a slow process, and one should never be in a hurry. Cold calculation had driven her father crazy when she was fourteen, God rot his soul. She could do the same thing to Rob and his little girlfriend, and they would never see it coming. Human nature was a very predictable thing. When one person pulled away, generally the other would do one of two things – let go or grab tighter. Janeen was banking on Susie being a “grab tighter” type, but she knew how to hedge her bets.

Janeen didn’t like to get her hands dirty, but she didn’t mind pulling a string or two.

Meatloaf. He should have told her a long time ago that he hated the stuff. Despised it… Especially those little bits of pepper and onion she’d started putting in it a few years ago. It tasted like cheap restaurant fare.

There were so many things Rob should have told Janeen, but never did. Now it felt too late, somehow. If it weren’t for the girls, he didn’t think he’d bother coming home.

They were such lovable little monsters, though. Twin tornadoes, into everything, a force of destruction. He’d thought that having children would have made Janeen grow up a bit, but it hadn’t. If anything, she acted like a spoiled child who was jealous of her own daughters.

Susie was so different. Yeah, it was just a fling, but damn. No demands there. She didn’t get all whiny because he didn’t buy her flowers. Okay, maybe she would if she weren’t too busy trying not to get caught by her own husband, but still… she seemed more laid back, more comfortable. She was so much more open to trying things, too. And she actually seemed to enjoy making him happy.

Susie probably wouldn’t have bitched about him buying a used Corvette. He had explained to her that there was a mindset to what he did, that he had to appear wealthier than they actually were, to seem to have no cares in the world, he was just there to share information and romance people into choosing whatever the product of the day happened to be. If he drove some old clunker or even some soccer mom mobile, he wouldn’t have that carefree image that allowed him to sell himself – and really, that was what his job was all about. They had to look forward to his visits, and on some subconscious level, associate the products he sold with health and well-being. Part of the job was looking attractive, and part of the attractiveness was the car Janeen called his “midlife crisis mobile.”

She could be so snarky. Sometimes it was fun, when it wasn’t directed at him. But for a while now, nothing he did made her happy, and he was just weary. Tired of begging. Tired of explaining. It was easier this way. Come home, play with the girls, put in enough time to keep the harpy at bay, and have some fun on the side. As long as he didn’t get caught…

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