Weird Wednesday – Earth Edition

It turns out that it can be a bit of a challenge to come up with weird stuff once a week. Thing is, I’m sure plenty of weird stuff is constantly happening, but some of it has made the rounds so many times that there is nothing left to write about it, while other things are just not quite weird enough, or too much like the weird story from last week.

I’m working on a theme within a theme this week. Yes, we’re still over a month away from Earth Day. Saturday is the grand Pi Day, but there is nothing weird about celebrating Pi Day. I repeat, absolutely nothing weird about celebrating Pi Day. So we can move along, it’s all perfectly normal…

So… moving right along… Let’s just assume that the Earth will not end on Pi Day, shall we? Wait, why would anyone be concerned about the earth ending, you ask? Oh, no reason… it’s just that the earth is trying to swallow Siberia now.

There’s a hole in the bottom of Siberia. Actually, many holes. That’s not a sign of impending doom, but it’s not exactly pleasant.

Then, we have fracking. Not to be confused with frakking.

Yes, we humans sure do our best to destroy the planet on which we live. But don’t worry, it’s not universal.

Here are some “good” weird things that people are doing:

    • Recycling. Some people take it to an all-new level. Like this lovely and creative young woman who created a prom dress out of pink ribbons and aluminum pull tabs:
      High School student wearing dress made of pull tabs and pink ribbon
      photos by Steve Pozek, father of the artistic young lady

      I don’t think I’m even going to tell you what people used to call those silver pull tabs when I was in high school…
      Last year, her prom dress was constructed out of a bag of Doritos. Let’s hope she doesn’t combine her talents with those of the designer on this page…

      White Condom dress
      Photo did not include information about the photographer! See website.

      Because a dress made out of new condoms is bad enough, but this is one place where recycling could get ugly.

      While I can’t believe how beautiful the condom dress turned out, I’m thinking with all the latex allergies in the world, it might not be a good idea…

    • Forget Recycling… How about not using stuff in the first place? There is a woman who has produced only a jar full of trash in the last two years. As the mother of three kids who have created an art out of wasting things, I am impressed.
    • If you really believe human beings are destroying the planet, maybe we should all go into some sort of stasis for a couple hundred years. Buddhist experts claim that a 200 year old mummified monk who was found last month isn’t dead, he’s just meditating.

      Yeah, I think he’s dead.

Be good to the Earth. While there may be other other habitable planets out there, so far, this is the only one we have.

Sunlight shining through the branches of a live oak.


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