Lost and Found Part 3

It’s Fiction Friday again, and I’m continuing the story I started on Friday, February 20th and continued on Friday, February 27th. 


“I have some bad news, Babe.”

Of course you do, Rob. You look like the dog when he’s been busted for getting into the garbage. Go ahead and lie to me.

“Oh, no! I hope it’s nothing too serious?”

“They need me to go to Milwaukee, starting tomorrow, to train the new guy. They were going to send me next week, but I asked them to reschedule so I wouldn’t be gone on your birthday.”

Wow. You can remember my birthday when it’s a convenient reason to lie so you can arrange to meet your mistress. And now I have to pretend to give a shit…  Eyes on the prize, Janeen…

“Really? Can’t they send someone else?”

“You know I’m their go-to guy. It’s part of the job.”

“Well, then, I guess I’m just going to have to make the most of tonight…” she said in a sultry voice.

“What’s for dinner?” he asked.

Okay. I’ll feed your damn stomach first, but I will not let you ignore me tonight… 

It was step two in “the plan.” Hector had done his part, quite brilliantly. She smiled. She could now monitor every single text the lovebirds passed… if “Susie” would bother to pick up her iPhone, that was. She hadn’t bothered yet. Janeen had even made a call to the woman’s husband and asked him to let her know the phone was at the mall security desk, but she hadn’t picked it up by the time Janeen left for the day. Meanwhile, she’d had a bit of fun making Susie sound desperately horny, and more than a little clingy.

“I made that meatloaf you really love.”

Technically, Boston Market made the meatloaf Rob loved. But he didn’t have to know that… Janeen had been passing off take-out as home-cooked stuff for most of the seven years they had been together. She was actually a pretty good cook, but who had time to cook?

“Okay. I’m going to take a quick shower before dinner.”

“Don’t take too long. The mashed potatoes are almost ready.”

The damned glutton. It’s amazing he doesn’t weigh 500 pounds by now with the way he eats… 

It was funny how the things that she found cute had grown old after the twins came along. How could she ever have been attracted to someone who could gnaw the tendons off a chicken bone?

Seducing him would not be easy. She would have to draw a mental picture of someone else. Maybe Kevin Costner as he looked in No Way Out?  Or Patrick Dempsey…

McDreamy would have noticed that your hair and makeup are flawless…  Well, no matter. Even Rob won’t be able to help but notice that flimsy little red thing you picked up at Victoria’s Secret earlier…

She had to get him wrapped around her little finger again, somehow. It would be easier that way, than the other way… because ultimately, Rob was lazy. He probably didn’t want to leave her, or he already would have. The thing about Rob was that he didn’t like messes. Divorcing Janeen would be messy… and costly. Lawyers, court fees, missed time at work… The custody battle over Hunter and McKenzie… No, Rob would probably rather stay married to her and have his fun on the side. But like it or not, things would get messy.

The question was, how invested was Susie? Janeen had read through the texts. She seemed pretty into Rob, but would she chase after him if Rob broke things off? When, not if…

This would be a good time to find Rob’s “throw-away” phone… Unless he leaves it in his desk at work.

She grabbed the keys to his precious Corvette, her heart racing. She would have to be quick. Rob didn’t like when she touched the keys to his Mid-Life-Crisis Mobile. Then again, a “quick” shower usually meant a minimum of 30 minutes. She had this…

Walking out the door, past her own black Buick Enclave, Janeen quickly unlocked the red corvette and deactivated the alarm.  Would it be in the trunk? The glove box? The center console.

That car was Rob’s pride and joy. The girls were not allowed in it… Janeen herself was barely allowed to ride as a passenger. Rob had insisted that is job as a pharmaceutical sales representative required him to portray an image of affluence when he wined and dined doctors. He made pretty good money, but somehow, they always managed to spend as much as he earned, so Janeen had taken the job at the mall.  It wasn’t such a bad job, though – it gave her a break from the house, and a little extra money to fund her passion for shoes.

A princess should never be without her glass slippers…

Yes. It was there… A little HTC. This was almost too easy…

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