That moment when you will never see something in quite the same way…

So… Up until yesterday, Google Plus has been some of the good stuff about Facebook without the stupid people and drama. Most of the people I know who seem to live train-wreck lives have avoided G+. I think that most haven’t figured out the potential there… It’s kind of like Twitter meets Pinterest meets Facebook.  You can have followers, you can join groups, you can post longer comments and photos, and really, just lots of interesting stuff.

I’ve enjoyed some of the groups I’m in, because it has given me the opportunity to view photos from around the world (I can also do this on flickr, of course, but without so much of the stories that come attached to some of them…) and to connect with other writers who have inspirational ideas, and who have provided me with feedback.

Yesterday, though, I made the mistake of following a link to someone’s racist page, and I also made the mistake of commenting on their racist post.  Here’s the thing, it wasn’t just one post. This person was spewing vitriol all over their profile, along with links to their own contemporary Christian Craptacular music. Yeah, it’s funny how that works sometimes… Anyway, at the end of the day, I reported the guy to G+. But because of the amount of hate speech, and the fact that there were things written on the page that amounted to threats to our current president, Adam took it a step further and posted something to call him to the attention of the FBI, CIA, NAACP and Anti-Defamation League.  There is a lot that can be ignored, but sometimes, we shouldn’t ignore things like that. I have blocked the individual, and one of his cronies, because it’s not worth the time and effort to deal with toxic people.  And really, there are so many people on the internet, it’s bad enough dealing with people who seem okay for a while before they try to pull a Nigerian Bank Scam on you out of the blue…

Bogus check from Central Bank of Nigeria
Photo taken from this blog about Nigerian Bank Scams

Okay, so… ugliness over. Time for a little fun. Do you ever go back and watch some of the cartoons you watched as a kid, and think, “How did I miss that?” Or maybe you find something in a book that takes on a whole new meaning now that you’re all grown up…

The first time I listened to Percy Jackson and the Olympians while driving the kids to Florida and back, it went right over my head that his mother liked to dye his food blue, and served him a nice plate of blue waffles… You’re welcome, I’m NOT posting a link to that one!

There are all sorts of fun things in the Harry Potter series… 

Since it’s Sunday, why not go to church? Remember, Jesus Comes First!

Inside of a church at Christmas
Somehow this place just got more interesting…

And then, sometimes the stuff they put in children’s books takes on a new meaning over time.

I’m feeling rather lazy on this Sunday evening, so I will leave you with one parting gift…  Please, Count your Blessings.


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