Lost and Found, 2

Note: the first part of the story is found here.

That cheating bastard! Janeen flipped back to the text messages. He has another phone, too. That’s not even his number.  I should call him right now, and tell him to pack his bags…

Or… I could wait. I could pretend I don’t know. I could bide my time, I could do something worse than throw him out on his ass…

A slow smile crept across her lips.

“Susie?” The phone pinged again.

“I’m here. Sorry. Got the phone caught in an awkward position.”

“Mmmm… Sounds fun.”

That fucking bastard. 

“More fun than you’ll have tonight…”

“No kidding. I feel like I’m a necrophiliac when I’m with J.”

Damn. Him. To. Hell. It wasn’t like he ever bothered to take any time to make it fun for her…

“Tomorrow?” she typed. Just wait, you ass. You’ll get yours…

“Same time and place?”

“If that works for you?”

“I’ll be dreaming about it.”

Janeen turned off the phone. She wanted to throw it on the ground and watch the screen shatter, then take one of those Kiddie Kruzzer carts and run it over before flushing it down the toilet… She would have to take it out of the Otter Box first.

How to make them both pay, in the worst possible way? This was going to take some thought.  But first, she would have to do something about the phone. Just in case someone taught that stupid bitch how to track it. Could they even track it if the phone was turned off?

She just didn’t know enough about the new iPhones.  Damn.  She opened the Incognito window on her cellphone.

Okay, so keeping the thing is out of the question… But if I move quick, maybe I can tamper with it before she reports it missing…

Interesting. There were ways to put spyware on someone’s phone, without them even knowing.

Janeen picked up the handset on the desk. Time to call in reinforcements.


“Hector? Are you busy?”


Continue to Part 3


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