Weird Wednesday

I’m thinking that it may be fun to come up with some “themes” for different days of the week.  I’m hoping to do “Fiction Fridays” with little short story blurbs or excerpts from potential longer stories that are on my brain. I hope at some point to figure out what happens next with Janeen, Rob, Susie, Hector, and that iPhone 6. Janeen is still stewing over how to react, what she may be able to do to get even, etc.

I’ve been thinking “What the F#ck Wednesday” could be a fun thing. Maybe I could compile some of the stranger things I find on the internet? You know, to get us all over the hump. Here’s a good starting point:

A very strange video that my little sister tagged me with today…

The worst part of this train wreck was that I couldn’t watch it earlier today… But things have slowed down enough now, and after all, I’m working an extra two hours (14 hours) so I feel justified in the calm of the evening in watching this thing now…

This music video has it all… Out of tune singing, horrible dancing, dangerous tight pants with body rolls, and furries.  Oh. Furries…

Of course, it has NOTHING on the train wreck movie Adam started playing last night… Thanks for the sleep deprivation, hun…

Seriously. Movie 43 has it all, even more than the video… including Kate Winslet in a neck scrotum short, and even Richard Gere… Incest, violence, and a bunch of just wrong stuff.

So. I’m thinking about some of the weird things that I’ve encountered. I once had a Facebook friend ask me to be his online dominatrix. And not just an ordinary dominatrix, he was into “Sissy Maid Training.” The crazy thing is, I agreed. The only problem? Okay, of course my first rule was that he could not do anything that would cause him or any of his friends, loved ones, or co-workers any type of harm. That automatically ruled out a great many things, because I didn’t want to jeopardize his job. Every time I would try to think of something humiliating enough to gratify this guy, he was already doing it. Except playing Sorority Life on Facebook. That was inadvertent. I figured someone who wanted to be a girly girl would love that game. He found it to be a stroke of genius.

Anyhoo… Sissy Maid training ended before I could even ask him to shave his legs from ankle to thigh, because he was married, and his wife did NOT approve. Personally, I think she failed to realize the full potential there – who doesn’t want an immaculate house?

White azalea, close up
Here’s a pretty white flower to “wash” the stain of everything I’ve induced you to watch out of your mind.

Okay, now I’ve gone and spoiled some possible endings for the Janeen/Rob/Susie/Hector/iPhone story, haven’t I? Because now you’re going to expect that someone in the story will be a Sissy Maid, won’t you? Sigh. I spoil all my best ideas…


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