Just a Little Punchy…

Rubber band ball on a post it note that says "Feed Me! I eat rubber bands."
When things finally slowed down today…

This was the “short week” at work.  Thank God.  Because I’m really needing a three day weekend right about now.

Today was a great day, but I feel like I’m running on adrenaline, because around about lunch time, when all the “supervisory people” were in meetings, things got hectic.

Today was a day for lost things to become found again. Not everything reported missing was found, nor were all the things turned in claimed, but all in all, it was pretty good.  Someone dropped a huge bit of cash on the ground, and a professor found it and turned it in. The guy who dropped it reluctantly took his girlfriend’s advice and called us to see if someone had turned it in, thinking nobody would. Surprise, guy… There are still decent people in this world, and you can pay your rent this month. While we don’t release information about who turns in the items, I did send the owner’s letter to the finder, thanking her for restoring a bit of his faith in the human race. (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…)

Between the inquiry call and having the money dropper come in, I had a call from another agency wanting contact information to assist in returning a found (stolen) vehicle to its rightful owner. Then I received a call from someone who had reported a missing wedding ring letting us know she had found her ring, and someone brought in an iPhone 4, which was claimed by its owner shortly after.

In case anyone wonders – we do have ways to determine ownership of items turned in. We also collect contact information and identification before signing over items that are turned in. The kid with the cash? They verified that he had withdrawn at least that amount from his bank account in the past few days.

Then, as if I wasn’t wired enough on adrenaline, some goddesses from the science building brought over strawberry shortcake birthday cake. By strawberry shortcake, I really mean some sort of heavenly white cake that had strawberries in it, and lots of cream, and it was encased in some sort of thin layer of white chocolate, and did I mention, it had a lot of cream on it? Probably about two strawberries in the entire cake, but that’s okay, because we wouldn’t want it to be too healthy.

Strawberry shortcake
This. This is why I’m fat. 

It was far prettier than the photo, because by the time I thought to take a photo (of the second piece, mind you…) I had messed it up pretty bad. But there you have it… It sure as hell wasn’t the typical Bisquick mess I associate with strawberry shortcake.

And now there are dogs roaming the campus.  They are with a (homeless?) human, but they are not attached to leashes. Make that a transient who doesn’t exist… Fun stuff! Never a dull moment around here.


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