A good day.

I’m a police dispatcher at a community college. Overall, it’s a pretty good gig… the officers are nice, I like my fellow dispatchers, and I love the college.

My only gripe is that since September, we’ve been down two dispatchers, and the process of becoming a certified dispatcher involves 6 weeks of training plus field training for our station. So we’re all working overtime these days. Twelve hour shifts with no breaks, and due to payroll rules at the college, on our three day week, we have to come in for four hours on one of our “days off.” I chose Mondays, so I can keep the alternating three day weekend, because that keeps me sane.

The thing is, some days they really need two dispatchers on, but the spring semester is calmer than fall, and the new dispatcher is in the field training stage, things were a bit overcrowded, so I was encouraged to go “explore” the campus a bit today. So explore I did… I explored the teaching zoo.

The video is some Gibbon monkeys. I’ve also posted a bunch of photos on Google Plus and Flickr and Facebook. I will post some of them on my author’s page later. But for now, enjoy!


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