One of the premises of the book I wrote was that the main character, Emma, had precognitive dreams. They were mostly about mundane things, but the idea was that there are so many mundane things in life that we have strange senses about, as though perhaps there is more going on than the same old stuff and nonsense.

I did actually give Emma a few of my dreams.  The first one described in the book (about missing the bus) was something that happened to me in middle school.  Not at all a life-changing event, and yet after really missing the bus, I remembered that dream and was a little unsettled about it.  I also gave her my shadow people dream. That was a dream I remember having as a little kid, and I remember how disturbed I felt after waking up, and sitting in the bathroom feeling as though the walls had eyes. To be fair, we had ugly brown wallpaper at that time, and after a trip to the Haunted Mansion at Disney, we all realized the pattern looked like creepy faces.  Also, there was a “large print” Catherine Cookson book on the bathroom counter that had a little sticker with a picture of eyeglasses. But feeling like the walls were shifting? That was probably due to some sort of migraine.

Other “stand out” dreams I’ve had:

When we lived in Deltona, I had a dream one night that I climbed into the attic from an opening in my bedroom closet. (There was no attic door in our bedroom closets in that house, but my parents’ closet had an attic door in our house in Detroit, where we lived before moving to Deltona…) In the dream, I climbed into the attic, and when I climbed back down I was in a different house.  In the dream, it was supposed to be the house I would live in as a grownup. I may even have been grown up in the dream, but the portal allowed me to pass between time and space. At first, I was a little freaked out, but it quickly turned into something pleasant. I remember telling my sister about it in the dream, and she discovered that her closet was a portal to her future house, too.

I dream about houses quite often. I’m not sure why. I have another reoccurring dream that involves buying a house that is small to average in size, only to realize as I keep wandering through the house that more and more rooms appear.  I LOVE this dream. (Who wouldn’t?) The dream house is a little bit of a fixer-upper, but parts of the second or third kitchen could be brought into kitchen #1 so that everything could function… Or I discover additional bedrooms that weren’t there on the first walk-through.

To some extent, stuff like this really does happen in real life:

Awesome secret rooms…

Not so awesome secret room…

Maybe The Chronicles of Narnia made a stronger impression than I realized?

But there is a darker reoccurring dream that I have, and I’m pretty sure the first time I had the dream was before I’d seen news stories that would make this make sense… The “haunted school” dream.

Black and white brick school house
Plaza School, not actually haunted to my knowledge…

In this reoccurring dream, which I first remember having when I was in my 20s, living in Atlanta, I would find myself in an old, abandoned school house at night, trying to find my way out.  Something tragic happened in that schoolhouse, and I’m pretty sure it was the same place each time.

The first time I had the dream was before the Columbine shooting, by at least a year. I’ve had the dream a couple of times since, though it’s different circumstances. I can’t really say what happens, or even what happened in the building before I found it in the dream, just that it contained an overwhelming feeling of sadness and fear.

I’ve had more than my share of strange dreams – I even once dreamed about a forest that morphed into a really cool furniture store, (I blame that on trips to a really cool Ethan Allen retail store when we were kids…) but I don’t always remember them. I suppose it would be fun to keep a dream journal, but I have a tendency to lose things, including journals. (I DO manage to keep track of my computer, though…)

Please feel free to comment about interesting dreams you’ve had.  And when you find yourself asleep again, have pleasant ones!


3 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. There was a show, more like a commentary on the unusual, and I forget its name… perhaps somebody else can recall it. One of the episodes, some time ago, jumped out at me and I couldn’t forget it.

    A woman was dreaming of being inside a lovely house that she was roaming around in. After a year of these dreams, she knew that house inside and out… and one day, while risinding with her husband to some destination in a place she has never been before, she spotted that very house! She got an extra thrill when she noted the ‘For Sale’ sign in the yard.

    Every detail was just like her dream, and though she has never een in that area, she knocked on the door. The adult daughter of the house owner let her in, and the woman who dreamed about the house was describing rooms before she even got to them. The husband was amazed, and the woman was even more thrilled to know the house was so being so for on the cheap.

    Then the older woman who owned the home came downstairs to meet the visitors, and she stopped in her tracks, mortified!

    The reason why the home-owner was selling the house so cheaply was because the house was haunted. For the last year, an apparition was going room to room, and the home-owner witnessed the event frequently enough to want to leave… and the woman who had been dreaming of the house was the very image of that apparition!

    The dreamer did buy the house, and not one apparition ever appeared to her, but she was at peace while living there.

    Perhaps your own dreams, my friend, have a touch more to them than you realize? It would be amazing if that was true. ^_^


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