Lost and Found

Janeen hated lost and found with a passion.  It was the worst part of working at the mall security desk – people coming up, whining about some lost glove or scarf… Keep your damn stuff together, she thought.

But an iPhone 6?  Who the hell lost something that valuable?  It always amazed her.  It wasn’t even cracked, it was in an expensive Otterbox.  A very pink Otterbox.  Janeen loved pink. Princess Pink.  Temptation…

It would take about 50 hours of work before taxes for me to earn enough to buy an iPhone 6…  Of course, if Rob would just buy me one for my birthday next month…

Fat chance, she thought. Rob wouldn’t remember their anniversary if she didn’t constantly remind him.   Rob was incapable of understanding why a toilet plunger was not an acceptable Christmas gift.

Janeen ran her finger across the screen.  To her surprise, it wasn’t locked.  Who the hell leaves their iPhone 6 unlocked? she thought.

She wondered… someone that stupid probably wouldn’t know how to track the phone either.  Maybe if she flirted with Hector just a little, she could get him to wipe the SIM card.

Maybe it belonged to some spoiled little child, though.  Curious, she pulled up the photos.  Whoa.  No.  If this phone belonged to a child, somebody should be in jail…  Janeen chuckled.  I wish my breasts were that big.  

The phone beeped.  A text message.

May as well have some fun, she thought, popping open the window.

“Hey babe.  Where are you?” it read.

“I’m at Victoria’s Secret, buying something sexy.”

“What color?”

“Pink, of course,” she typed.

“Pictures or it didn’t happen!”

She laughed.  Rob used to say that to her, back when they first started dating.

He used to be fun. She sighed.  What the hell happened?

Kids.  Kids had happened.  Twins, to be exact.  First it was the pregnancy with the unwanted 30 pounds that didn’t seem to want to come off even after the rough c-section.  Then the lack of sleep, and it seemed Rob worked longer hours…

Shuttling the girls back and forth to preschool, wiping snotty little noses… She loved them, but she definitely lost that whole sexy-feeling after a day of cleaning up after them.  And they raided everything.  Nothing precious to her was safe.  They had torn open her prized mint-in-the-box Holiday Barbie collection one afternoon while she was making their macaroni and cheese.  Janeen sighed.  Her mother had always warned her that she would pay for everything she did as a child when she had kids of her own.

“Still waiting, Susie” flashed on the screen.

Janeen sighed again.  She used to wear sexy, photo-worthy lingerie.

“You’ll have to wait until tonight,” she typed.

“You know I’m home with the wife and kids,” she read.

Whoa.  What a jerk!

“When are you going to tell her?” Janeen typed.

“We’ve already discussed this,” was the response.

“I know, I just really want you all to myself,” she typed.

“Your husband wouldn’t like that, either,” she read.

Ooh, she’s a cheat, too…  I wonder if I could have a little fun with this?  Who are these people?

She reopened the photo gallery.



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