Inspiring Careers

Okay, the title of today’s blog is a little deceptive.  I’m not going to talk about wonderful careers that change the world…

I wish I could blog about my day at work.  Weird stuff happened, most of it rather interesting.  But I don’t write about my work because I don’t want to cross a line into somehow talking about things that should remain confidential.  So… perhaps some day, some of these things can wind their ways into stories where the people involved cannot be traced.

I’ve read that before writing the Harry Potter series, J. K. Rowling worked at Amnesty International, and that she heard and saw a great many things that served as inspiration for Lord Voldemort, the Death Eaters, and the like.

black and white photo of crowd
Crowds in amusement parks are pretty soulless, aren’t they?

Here’s a fun little game: match the author to the job they worked before becoming famous…

1. Harper Lee                                                A. Banker

2. J.D. Salinger                                              B.  Managed a Saab Dealership

3. Kurt Vonnegut                                          C. A high school janitor

4. T.S. Elliot                                                  D. Reservation Clerk for an airline

5. Stephen King                                            E. Entertainment director on a ship

For the answers, visit this link, which includes the authors above and an additional five famous authors.

I was driving myself crazy earlier trying to remember which famous author worked in a mental hospital before making it big.  Oh that we would all be that lucky?

Really, though… We have some people who come from a local group home from time to time.  They come to visit the planetarium on campus.  I’ve watched them from the window, and while it makes me sad to see them, it makes me eternally grateful that I’m not in that line of work.  It is all the sadder to know that the people who always seem so kind and patient are most likely very much underpaid for the amount of effort they are likely to expend.  Not to mention how difficult it must be for the residents who struggle to do the tasks most of us take for granted…

Inspiration can come from strange place.


One thought on “Inspiring Careers

  1. You know, Kate – sometimes I feel as if I live in a Mental Hospital! Interesting that you should begin that sentence with reference to the word, crazy – is that a Freudian Slip, or what? Lol.
    I love your words, girl! Give us more!


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