Things that are scary…

Great big spiders:

Big black and white spiderColor photo of a large spider

Poisonous little spiders:

Color photo of a little Black Widow spider


teen in fallen angel costumeGold statue of a palace lion demonCreepy crowd with a kid dressed like a demonJapanese Chin dog with funny looking face


Multicolored catCheetah resting

Skeletons behind bars:

Skeletons in jail from Pirates of the Caribbean


Kids posing with a scary clown outside of haunted firehouse


black and white witch photo enchantress maskold hag mask

Creepy kids:


The Entire Human Race being forced to live underground because some horrible disease is killing everyone on the surface of the planet:

Sign from 12 Monkeys on a fence

And… Vaccines.  Because they can cause autism.

Kid with a skeptical look on his face

Okay, No, I am not afraid of ANY of these things, but I wanted to post some cool pictures before I go on to write about a serious topic.  Vaccines.  Which apparently, scare some people so much that they refuse to give their kids the gift of preventing some pretty horrible diseases.

A million years ago I taught Sunday School.  (That will throw some of my friends for a loop, but there you go…) There were two teachers assigned to each class, and the one I worked with in the first of my two years was a lovely older woman whom I will call Miss Theresa.  Miss Theresa and I were talking about a child who had severe autism one day, and this is what she said:

“Jane reminds me of myself, and of how lucky I am.  You see, when I was a kid, I was rather like that.  My poor mother could not reach me, I was living in my own shell.

I had polio as a kid, and it left me unable to talk, unable to reason.  But I was lucky – a doctor who chose not to give up treated me with arsenic, and somehow, they were able to reverse some of the damage.  But to this day, it has caused side effects, including the skin issues I suffer from. Still, I’m lucky, because they were able to pull me out of it.”

Now, I have NO IDEA what exactly Miss Theresa went through.  I don’t know how her brain was affected, don’t know what exactly the doctor used to treat her.  She had skin cancer at the time, and she passed away within the year (she was in her eighties, I believe) so I can’t exactly go back and ask her any of it.

What I DO know is that Miss Theresa was a staunch advocate for vaccinating children, because she did know firsthand how horrible it was to suffer from some of the diseases that have been kept at bay by vaccinations.

Weigh the facts rather than personal anecdotes, though…  Children do die from the measles.  They also suffer from severe effects that can last their lifetime.  The only medical study that was ever able to link vaccines to autism has since been debunked, and the man who “doctored” that study had his license revoked, because it has been proven that he rigged it.

Do we really want polio to make a come-back?  Are you really willing to watch your kid be put in an iron lung machine, or unable to walk?  NOT just your child is affected.  There are children who are currently protected by heard immunity who can NOT be given some of these vaccines, either because they are too young, or they have life-threatening allergies that make it impossible for them to be given the vaccine… and some times, for some people, the vaccines don’t work.  That’s why it is important for everyone who CAN safely receive vaccines to do so.

So quit being afraid of the invisible Bogey Man who lives inside that little needle, do your research, and make an informed decision based on facts.


3 thoughts on “Things that are scary…

  1. And most research is pointing to the mother’s immune responce as the cause for autism… but it is much more comforting to try to blame autism, suicide, drug abuse and everything else on an outside factor. 😦


  2. In an effort to clear some air, I am going to share some information that those who read about this subject may find fascinating. First part is about Autism. I have an 18 year old daughter with Low Functioning Autism, and like most other parents who raise their children with this disorder, we tend to like facts over media hoopla.

    In 2011, there was some serious findings reported on Autism, and the fact that it is a measurable disorder, and when and where it happens. Please visit the link:

    So if the issues arise before the baby is born, then it isn’t related to vaccines. But… and there is a necessary but in this whole thing… there was a problem with the vaccines for most of the late 80’s and through out the 90’s. It wasn’t the vaccine itself, but an added ingredient that wasn’t used before. It’s called Thimerasol.

    Why it was used was due to cost related production. Thimerasol is 57% mercury, and it was added so there could be multi-dose bottles. Before hand, a single dose was manufactured at a time, as more than one needle stick would contaminate the vaccine. Now they could do as many as fifteen to twenty needle sticks per bottle (so they made a larger bottle too), thus lowering production costs while raising profits.

    Parents like me were never against vaccines. We were against the mercury content. If we paid for the more expensive single dose bottles, we could get the vaccines mercury free. But after a time, around 1993, even those vanished. There was no longer any choice, not that most parents knew they could ask for it.

    The parents who were complaining about the vaccine were lumped with the same group of parents who were complaining about the mercury. Unfortunately, we can thank main stream media for that massive mess up.

    So now for the facts. This is why Thimerasol was removed from 95% of the current vaccines, as the Science couldn’t be denied, and Phizer and Merick didn’t want anymore bad press over this.

    From 1986 to 2001, by the time a baby was 16 months old, if kept to the vaccine schedule, the baby would receive 20 picograms of mercury in their system. Now to put this in perspective, 20 picograms is enough mercury to make 97 gallons of water unsafe for drinking, according to EPA guidelines. So get 97 gallons of mercury poisoned water and compare that to the size of a 16 month old baby.

    After 2001, the announcement was made that mercury was removed from all vaccines. Well, that is a touch of a little lie. The MMR, HPV and the yearly Flu shot still contains Thimerasol to this day.

    That means a 16 month old, if sticking with the shot schedule, the amount of mercury is now reduced to only 6 picograms. While considerably less than 20, it’s still enough to make 22 gallons of water unsafe to drink, according to the EPA guidelines. Stack 22 gallon jugs next to a 16 month old, and size them up once more.

    With the Science of Genetics added in, where one third of the population is far more reactive to metal poisoning than the other two thirds, this makes for an issue that is more pronounced for some than others.

    Still, I am not against vaccines. Never was, I am against mercury going into babies, but the media refuses to separate the two issues. This is coming from a guy who called Merick once and asked if I can pay a premium to have an MMR, HPV and a Flue shot free of Thimerasol, in a rational, calm tone of voice.

    I got hung up on.

    Still, there is somewhat of a shadowy thing under the bed over all of this, but I want daylight on it. We all know what happens to shadowy things when it’s exposed to the light of truth. But there is an out for the media. They point at a guy like me and yell conspiracy theorist, labeling me an anti-vaccine parent because I think it causes Autism. Which of course, is furthest from the truth.

    I have never figured out to this day why some scientists thinks that mercury in such volume going into babies is a good thing.

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    1. Thank you, Daniel, for that clarification.

      This is another example of why nothing is ever black and white, and why people have mistrust for the pharmaceutical companies.

      I do believe it is a balancing act… There are some children who should NOT receive certain vaccines. And mercury is not good for anyone.

      I think there is a mistrust of the FDA by many because while something may be safe in a tiny amount, the amount that is safe vs. what companies put into the products they make are at odds, and people don’t always realize that. My kids have allergy issues, my oldest son was sensitive to many of the food dyes and preservatives in food, and while I couldn’t prove that to anyone, when I eliminated artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from his diet, it seemed to help his overall behavior.

      I don’t mean to make light of reasons people may not vaccinate their children, I just want people to research it fully before refusing something that can save lives. And by research, I mean scientific studies like the one you linked above, not personal anecdotes from celebrities.

      Thanks again for your feedback, and I hope everyone who reads this blog takes the time to read your comment!


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