Another Pagan turned Roman Catholic Holiday…

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, of course… We’re not allowed to forget that.  We have it on in our house, and the commercials this year are frankly leaving me with little hope for the economy.  What ARE they thinking, anyway?  That Loctite glue commercial?  Hmm…  That made me want to run out and buy a bottle of glue. Were they implying that it’s made from fat or something?

In addition to Super Bowl Sunday, this is the pagan holiday “Imbolc.”

Of course, The Church, as it is wont to do, had to incorporate this holiday into their calendar:

Lambs, lamb of God…  Same difference?

I’m not celebrating either, but I do like the idea of winter coming to an end, and any excuse to light a candle appeals to my inner pyromaniac.

So, go make yourself some Blair Witchy looking crosses if you will, light some candles, and if you’re in a cold place right now, take comfort in knowing that it’s not too much longer before spring comes.  Because tomorrow Puxatawney Phil will either see his shadow or not, and we will either have six more weeks of winter, or spring will come in six weeks.  Yeah.  That one always confused me, too.


Here’s a picture of Lamb’s Ear for the festival of lambing.


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