I could have taken a photo of the shattered screen of my phone, the product of a moment of fumbling with a hanger catching on my sweater at an inopportune moment as I was juggling to put things in my car yesterday evening.  I could even take a photo of the receipt from Re Tech, where I paid not only to repair the screen, but also the camera lens that I didn’t realize was cracked until I took the phone in this morning.  Sigh.

Nope.  Instead, I am going to post a  color-saturated version (fun with Photoshop!) of a photograph I took with an even older phone, my old HTC Evo Shift, may it Rest in Pieces.  Actually, it wasn’t exactly broken in pieces, it just had a broken flex-pin, a problem common in that model, and one I had previously paid money to fix.  The second time it broke, the timing was right to switch carriers and find a new phone, in this case, my Galaxy S4.  It made it safely back from the shop, and seems to work okay again.

Yes, I DID pay for the insurance on the Samsung when I bought it at Target.  However, I forgot to update my card information when I received my latest debit card, allowing said insurance to lapse.  Oops.  I’m sure the deductible would have cost almost as much as the repairs anyway.

If there is a next time, I will be replacing the phone.  Hopefully, the Otter Box that is arriving on Monday will prevent another similar injury if I have another clumsy moment.

So, instead of pictures with pointless griping about my own stupidity, Murphy’s Law, how everything seems to go wrong and cost money I don’t have, I’m posting pictures of the water.  Here, here’s another one…


Okay, that one was actually sand dunes, and the photo was taken with a Panasonic camera that is somewhere in this house, waiting for me to rediscover it.

Want more?



Earlier I was trying to write about the first time I ever went sailing as an active participant…  I remember some of the details, but not nearly enough.  It was a Phantom boat, part of a sailing class, it was cold, and I loved it.  I do remember the feeling of harnessing wind to move, and how wonderful that felt.  Kind of like riding a bicycle as a kid.  Wind on my face, the freedom of movement, the thrill of exploration…

There aren’t enough moments like that as a grown-up.  Enjoy them when you find them.


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