Stay Warm!

While all of you are enjoying your “Snowmageddon”, we here in North Florida are walking around outside with sweaters, no jacket required…


While I do NOT miss New York, shoveling snow, or freezing temperatures, I do enjoy a cozy fire in the fireplace on a chilly day.  (Yes, it does get chilly here, and yes, we have a fireplace…)

What I love about where I am, though, is being able to look outside my window and see more green than barren branches.  Walking around and suddenly coming upon this:


Okay, I’m cheating… the purple one was in Winter Garden at LEGO Land.  But you get the idea… One simply does not find flowers growing outside in New York in January.

On the other hand, there was something rewarding about finding those first bulbs in the early spring after a bleak and desolate winter.  I do miss that, and I miss some of the flora that required freezing temperature hibernation to thrive.

But for now, to my friends in Northern climes, nyah nyah nyah… I didn’t have to run to the store to buy milk, bread and eggs off of barren grocery store shelves because we’re not all rushing out to make our snowstorm French toast. 😉

Seriously, stay warm and stay safe.


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