When I see something like this, it makes me wonder.

A couple of ideas pop into mind:

1.  Miranda loved to plant random articles of clothing around her Bible-belt town.  She figured it was just a matter of time before the locals fell into despair over not being “raptured.”

2.  How to dispose of your enemy in four easy steps: 1.  Purchase children’s clothing from a thrift store.  2. Obtain the hair and nail clippings of your enemy.  3.  Leave the items together in a desolate wooded area. 4. Make an anonymous call to law enforcement stating you heard a child screaming in that area.

Did the kidnapper forget to take the shoes when he pulled up in the white, unmarked van?  Did someone just decide they were sick of those shoes?  Were they left there in case some homeless child needed shoes?

I think someone just sticks stuff like this on the side of the road knowing that it will perplex people like me.  Kind of like seeing a clump of hair from a weave in the parking lot at Walmart.


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