Lost stuff, Faeries, and Absentee Blogging

It’s a wonder what lack of a decent internet connection will do to one’s blogging habits. Also, what a lack of workspace does to one’s writing habits in general.

Life has become an endless cycle of work, driving, caretaking (humans and birds and other assorted living things) and stitching or beading. Aside from the whole car and electricity thing, I may be working my way back to the 19th Century.

I was musing on “things lost” the other day when I misplaced yet another pair of sunglasses… I can never seem to keep track of keys or sunglasses… 

At some point in my life, I was told when items mysteriously disappeared that I could blame their disappearance on mischievous faeries. Because faeries love to take everything from used teeth to car keys. Then when you’ve given up on ever finding them again, they reappear in an unlikely place.

I’ve lost and found many things these past few months. It’s easy to lose stuff when you are moving great quantities of stuff. Things missing? Movies, music, clothing… normal people lose socks in the wash. I lose socks, and pants, shirts, sweaters… how?!

The one thing we always lose that can’t be replaced is time. We all need the time faeries to bring us some extra days.


“Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get me.”

We’ve all heard the saying. We all have fears and concerns that others believe are irrational. 

I try to keep anxiety from getting the better of me, but two things occurred today (totally unrelated) that left a niggling feeling at the back of my head.

The first occurred earlier today, while Adam and I were sitting in the back yard with our chickens foraging through the yard. A gold truck drove by, slowing and stopping several times in front of our house, turning right, and slowing and stopping along the side of our lot, as though they were trying to see something on our land. 

It disturbed both Adam and I enough that we mentioned it to his friend, Geoff, who has been helping us build a second coop for our Polish and Silkie chickens.

I forgot about it for most of the day, but learned a little while ago that my daughter saw a truck matching the description later in the day driving by our house slowly. 

When we have the funds, we will be fencing off more of the yard, and putting in privacy inserts.

The second thing was this:


Look, the narrative has been all about Donald Trump and how horrible he is. I’m not saying he’s a good person. But one thing I’ve learned over the years – the media is good at smoke and mirrors to distract from what is really going on. And this wouldn’t be the first war we’ve entered to cover up a scandal.

What scandal? That the democratic primaries WERE rigged. That one of the candidates running for president has committed more crimes than Nixon resigned over. But nobody seems to care, because Donald Trump talked trash 11 years ago with some other sexist pig.

The DNC has not so much as tried to cast shadows on the veracity of the content of the emails released by Wikileaks. The response, instead, has been to blame Russia for releasing said emails. And now we are ready to start World War III over this?

Who is behind Hillary Clinton and what IS their end game?

Privacy fence. With barbed wire and locks on the gates. Because we will want to protect anything we grow or any animal we raise from desperate looters if and when we end up in the war that we simply can not win. Unless, of course, we are killed before we have time to starve. 

Pulling Threads

Make a loop, pull the yarn through on the hook. Yarn over. Pull through. A chain of knots, foundation.

Fold over. Push the hook through the chain. Yarn over. Pull through one. Yarn over. Pull through two.

Connecting. Form three more chains, skip one and connect the next chain with a single or a double or a triple stitch. Repeat the process as many times as the pattern demands, hoping that at some point it will all make sense.

Try not to let everything come unraveled. Pull tight, but not too tight, you don’t want the string to snap.

Unravel the strings that have not yet been woven, the strings that tangled in the bag as it was carelessly bounced around. Try not to pull out the deliberate stitches in the process. 


Our Prodigal Dog has Returned

“Josie” (the name we were told was hers) is safely home. She has been fed as much as she can eat, and given water. A neighbor found her and returned her to us last night, arriving just as Matthew and I were pulling up to the driveway after the String Orchestra Boosters officer meeting. 

She wanted to go right back out. I don’t think it’s that she doesn’t like us – she is my shadow any time we’re in the same room, and constantly putting her paws on me and giving me soulful dog eyes. I think she just really wants to be an outdoor dog. Hence the constant whine when she is inside, and the standing by the door, asking to go out AGAIN.

We’re giving her wish, partially. She is a back yard dog, on a zip line run, at least for now. She seems happier out there. She has a dog house, and water and food, and an abundance of smells to sniff, including the chicken run, which is in her wide territory. 

She is well-behaved with the chickens, though I wouldn’t trust ANY dog unsupervised with chickens. 

On a side note, as usual, incompetence is rewarded with promotion. It seems I have gone from being the Booster Secretary to being the Booster President. I will be posting links for online fundraisers, in case anyone would like to support the Arts by purchasing stuff.

Here is a gratuitous photo of a Serama chick taking a nap.

I need to take some pictures of Josie, but it was getting late again by the time I arrived home after work and errands.

I’m sure no one could have seen it coming…

What happens when you feed raccoons and keep chickens as pets? Anyone? Anyone at all? That’s right, you get up on the morning of the first day of classes, the busiest day of work, and go out at the ass-crack of dawn to feed your beloved flock only to find FOUR raccoons in the chicken run. R.I.P. Ginger the Rhode Island Red…

I had to call in sick that morning to get a tetanus shot for the scratches I got catching the remaining 17 chickens and bringing them into the garage to safety after we finally got the raccoons to leave. Adam, on the other hand, got a total of 17 rabies shots because one of Rocky’s babies bit him on his hand. 14 the first day, one on Day 3, one on Day 7, and one on Day 14.

We reenacted the scene from Light In The Forest   wherein True Son and Cuyloga part ways. The raccoons are no longer welcome on our property.

Also, I decided to refrain from taking classes for another semester.

We adopted a dog, a coon hound, to scare them off. She has been wandering the neighborhood like the Irish Setter in Funny Farm, making an occasional appearance from time to time, since she raced out the door the morning after we brought her home. 

We had better luck with our adoption of two unfortunate looking roosters that day. Jacques, aka “French Fries” is quite the sweet heart, and Louis is hideous but sweet, and he sits in the doorway of the coop protecting the entrance at night. He is a silkie-turken mix breed, good for mating with silkies to make “show girl” chickens.

French Fries likes to snuggle.

I thought I had a photo of Louis, but it seems to have disappeared… 

We also got a piglet. 

Her name is constantly changing. Igpay, Piglet, Shadow, Scully… We can’t seem to settle on her name, but she acts like a puppy.

And that, in a nutshell, is what I have been up to… Oh, and making crocheted stuff and jewelry. I will be setting up a store on Etsy soon.


Sometimes my need to make things takes a different turn. Here are some things I’ve made  or am making in the past few weeks:

Eventually this will become a shawl. I swear…

I even bent the wires around the bead charm on this one.

A gift for a friend and awesome co-worker. I did NOT bend the wires on this charm

A little something I made for my mother

Can you find the flaw/asymetry?

my goofy attempt at a 1920s cloche… plus another bead necklace.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with this.

I did finish this after taking the photo.

I didn’t make this. I only captured the photo…

Yes, I have been busy, in a fashion. 

A Call To Action

Maybe you genuinely like one or both of the main party candidates this year. Feel free to move along and skip this post if you are thrilled to support either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the fall election. But if you are in any way or shape “on the fence,” or even if you have just felt yourself “holding your nose” to vote in a prior year’s election, please read and consider…

I am a Bernie Sanders supporter who felt that if enough people wanted to elect him, it could happen. Ideally, this is true, but I happen to suspect that some shenanigans occurred in the process of the DNC primaries. That’s another topic , though.

My call to action is this: I would like each and every United States citizen who visits my blog to check whether the Green Party and the Libertarian Party will be listed on the ballots of the November election in your state. If not, PLEASE consider starting or signing a petition to get them on the ballot.

Why? And why am I asking you to do this even if you have no intention of voting for their candidates?

We need more choices. 

In most states, to vote in a primary, one must be registered in that party. Closed primaries. The excuse? If you are registered as a Libertarian, for example, you can vote in that primary to choose your candidate. But if you are planning to vote for the Libertarian candidate, you may be surprised to discover that Gary Johnson is not on your ballot in November. That makes it unlikely many people will vote for Gary in your state. So he has little chance of winning those electoral votes.

As of July 10, 2016, the Green Party was only on the ballots in 22 states, making it virtually impossible for Jill Stein to win the election.

http://www.gp.org/ballot access

The Libertarian Party is faring slightly better, included on the ballots of 36 states. 


Remember that the two parties in power make the rules, and they have every incentive to make it difficult for an outsider to win an election.

They win. We the People lose. We lose out on choices. We lose our ability to vote our conscience. We lose our best representation.

Someone in a Facebook group in which I belong was criticizing a “Bernie or Bust” person who said she would be writing in Bernie or voting for Stein. The critique told her she had “already had her opportunity to vote” in the primary, and that she should simply vote for Hillary now that her candidate did not win the primaries.

So, her voice only counted in the primaries, and after that, tough shit? What about the people who didn’t get to vote in the primaries?  Democrats and Republicans want your vote in November, but not in the primaries if you are going against their established candidate of choice.

I choose to believe that my voice still matters in November, and that I should be free to vote for a candidate in whom I have at least some measure of faith. That is not HRC or DT. I don’t trust either of them as far as I can throw them, and bear in mind I was put in “Remedial P.E.” with the “special kids” back in elementary school.

Act now, vote later. Act now so you CAN vote as you like later. Remember, in a free-market system, better choices are available. Why, then, are we giving two political parties a monopoly on running our government and making the laws that bind us?

That is all.

[Steping off my Soap Box so I can wave that “Vote for Jill” banner…]